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Education Resources
Useful links for educators, those creating teaching resources, or anyone looking for information for young people.
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  Akiyoshi's Illusion pages
  Subject: Mathematics and Art

Abstract: Using patterns to make optical illusions in which objects seem to move on the paper

Description: This webpage contains a warning: "This page contains some works of "anomalous motion illusion", which might make sensitive observers dizzy or sick. Should you feel dizzy, you had better leave this page immediately." so viewers who are sensitive may need to stay away from this site. This webpage is continuously being updated with new images. The author of these images does request that he be sited for his work if it is used or displayed. There is a pdf file of the article explaining how the illusion works. The site also has a Japanese language version.
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9th January 2008
Ancient Archimedes Writings Revealed
  Subjects: General Science and History

Abstract: A website on the Archimedes palimpset, the history and what they are doing today to preserve and read the text.

Description: This is an informational website for those wanting to make a history and science/mathematics connection in their classroom. An archived webcast is included in this site
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9th January 2008
  Non-profit, public interest website dedicated to exposing and ending waste, fraud, and abuse associated with the use of the polygraph and other purported lie detectors. Provides a thorough debunking of the pseudoscience of polygraphy.

See also Science and Medical  Skeptical Resources 
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12th September 2008
Balloon Molecules
  Subject: Chemistry

Abstract: Imagine a clown making molecules from balloons instead of the typical poodle or giraffe. This site does exactly that and teaches you the techniques so that you can build your own molecules out of balloons.

Description: This website includes mini-movies to learn how to make the knots necessary and shows you some other techniques. Unfortunately, no step-by-step instructions are provided although they do show some final balloon builds including one for the double helix. There is also a German language version of this site.
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9th January 2008
Cosmic Journey: A History of Scientific Cosmology
  Subject: Astronomy, Cosmology, History of Science

Abstract: A journey into the history of cosmology

Description: This site is hosted by the American Institute of Physics (AIP) - Center for History of Physics. The center also hosts other websites full of science history information (check out the "More Exhibits" link) but these series of pages focuses on cosmology. The site divides the journey into two (Tools and Ideas) to help organize this long and complex history. The "resources" link provides a long list of references and other related sites.
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5th February 2008
Critical Thinking Education Group
  Subjects: general critical thinking, pseudoscience

This site was established with the intention of forming a community of educators, parents and other members of the global community who share a vision in promoting critical thinking skills. Here you will find resources, weblinks and a forum for discussing methods aimed at educating others in the skills and cultural values necessary for critical thought.
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3rd June 2011
IRIS Education and Outreach
  Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology Education and Outreach

This website is a depository from the seismological community with links to education materials such as information sheets, animations, software, and programs for both educators and students. A few highlighs:

* software to turn your mac laptop into a seismometer
* order posters on various seismic topics for your classroom.
* internships for both undergraduate and graduate students

See also Computer Related Links  Science and Medical 
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2nd October 2008
Journal of Biology
  One of several free online scientific journals. It requires registering, but that is free, and all the content is free as well. Regular updates via mail can be requested upon registration.

See also Science and Medical 
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26th February 2009
  JREF Classroom modules
  Subjects: ESP, experimental design, and general skepticism.

JREF Classroom modules are free (usually downloadable) and offer lessons that address scientific skepticism and critical thinking through investigations of paranormal, pseudoscientific, and fringe claims. The activities are fun, easy to introduce, tailored to one or two class periods, address national educational standards and benchmarks, and offer supplemental resources and media through our website.

Do You have ESP? is the first module available. Additional titles will be available soon.
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3rd June 2011
  Lets Clean Up our Physics Language
  Subject: Physics and Science Teaching (or English)

Abstract: How to use the right words to explain Physics properly by Donald E. Simanek

Description: It's a long read but it details all the wrong expressions to avoid when teaching Physics so students are not confused or mislead in an important concept. References for more reading are listed at the bottom.
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9th January 2008
Matchstick Rockets
  Subject: Physics and Engineering

Abstract: The ultimate tiny rocket that's cheap to build and pretty impressive.

Description: The instructions and materials are listed and pictures are included. A good way to show the basic physics of rockets.
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9th January 2008
NOAA National Ocean Service - Education
  Subject: Ocean Sciences, Chemistry, Biology, Oceanography

Abstract: Site with information and teaching materials including lesson plans pertaining to the ocean sciences.

Description: Hosted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - National Ocean Service office, this subsection of the main website is designed as a resource for educators with lesson plans, explanations, kits and background information. The site is full of information so exploration is encouraged to find the right information for your classroom.
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5th February 2008
Regarding the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  First, the most common myths regarding Pearl Harbor can be found here:

The Myths of Pearl Harbor.

The Congressional Hearings in the Pearl Harbor Attack, 40 volumes, can be found here in PDF:

Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings.

Selected documents from the Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings, The "Magic" Background to Pearl Harbor, and other documents related to the attack can be found here:

Investigation into the Pearl Harbor Attack

("The Listing of Additional Documents" has many documents selected for their information on the many myths surrounding the events.)

THE CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION INTO THE ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR PDF copies of the 39 volumes of the testimony and exhibits and the Summary Volume. Recommended starting point would be the last volume, the Summary. Each volume of Exhibits and Testimony has an index.

See also Conspiracy Theory - Useful Links 
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28th November 2009
Richard Gage 9/11 Blueprint For Truth Respectful Rebuttals (Not Debunked) on YouTube
  Over three hours total, 21 YouTube videos in all, investigating Richard Gage's 9/11 controlled demolition assertions category by category. Hosted and produced by Chris Mohr, who debated Richard Gage in Boulder CO on March 6 2011. Easy for laypeople to understand, put together with the help of metallurgists, chemists, engineers, 9/11 FDNY first responders, foundry workers, physicists etc., abundant visual aids, no acrimony. Here are links to the first 8 videos. Easy keywords: Richard Gage, Blueprint for Truth, Rebuttal, Debunked, 9/11.

Here are links to the introduction and parts 1-6 of my YouTube Gage rebuttals. This is 1/3 of the total of what will soon be available:

part 1 how collapses initiated
part 2 Richard's ten reasons for natural collapse
part 3 history of fire collapses
part 4 symmetrical/freefall
part 5 lateral ejection of steel and squibs
part 6 pulverized concrete and steel

See also Conspiracy Theory - Useful Links  Resources for debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories  Science and Medical  Videos 
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6th July 2011
  ScienceNOW is an online daily news service and part of the online Science magazine that is hosted and published by the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). The articles selected for ScienceNOW are free and available to the public for four (4) weeks after original date of publication.

This is a useful online source for the latests news coming from the scientific community. It is for those who do not have access to a Science subscription. The articles selected for this publication are written for a general public audience and it is updated every weekday.

See also Science and Medical 
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5th February 2008
Stop Jenny McCarthy
  Jenny McCarthy has been appearing on talk shows and other media with stories about herself and her son. The purpose of this website is simply to show, by presenting factual and current information, what McCarthy is wrong about.

The media must stop giving McCarthy an unchallenged platform and must stop allowing McCarthy to keep spreading misinformation that is alarming other parents.

McCarthy asserts passionately that she is the voice for parents. Please, NO. Parents need an informed voice.

There is nothing wrong with loving your child. There is something wrong when profits are made by selling claims in books that can clearly be shown to be false.

McCarthy has no educational background, and no license to give any type of medical advice on any medically related topic. Becoming a parent of an autistic child is a huge job, but that does not make McCarthy's google research and interpretation of the experiences more valid than others who have had the same experiences and come to different conclusions.
We ask that McCarthy re-evaluate her assertions, and ask all parents to learn about the issue in depth.

See also Science and Medical  Skeptical Resources 
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19th October 2008
The Great 1906 Earthquake
  Subject: Geology & History

Abstract: A website with a collection of links on information about the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

Description: This website hosted by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) is packed with information so care should be taken in exploring all the links listed on this site. There are two links that are focused for teachers and those are "Earthquake Science Explained" and Schoolyard Geology near the bottom of the page.
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9th January 2008
  Unauthorized Teaching Materials
  Subject: General Science

Abstract: Unauthorized Teaching Materials compiled by the Improbable Research.

Description: Hosted by the Improbable Research, a listing of materials that may be useful in the classroom. Includes suggested lessons for various topics and the main page has a blog on wacky but serious research.
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9th January 2008
  Subject: Astronomy and Astrophysics

Description: An interactive website to view the night sky outside of our Solar System. Lots of neat images are included in this site while pointing to various parts of the sky map and it also includes information. Could be useful to introduce students to astronomy and get nice images for presentations.
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9th January 2008

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