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Roboramma 12th February 2020 11:46 PM

Superconducting Graphene

The discovery has been the biggest surprise to hit the solid-state physics field since the 2004 discovery that an intact sheet of carbon atoms — graphene — could be lifted off a block of graphite with a piece of Scotch tape, work that was later awarded the Nobel Prize. And it has ignited a frenzied race among condensed-matter physicists to explore, explain and extend the MIT results, which have since been duplicated in several labs.

The observation of superconductivity has created an unexpected playground for physicists. The practical goals are obvious: to illuminate a path to higher-temperature superconductivity, to inspire new types of devices that might revolutionize electronics, or perhaps even to hasten the arrival of quantum computers. But more subtly, and perhaps more important, the discovery has given scientists a relatively simple platform for exploring exotic quantum effects. “There’s an almost frustrating abundance of riches for studying novel physics in the magic-angle platform,” said Cory Dean, a physicist at Columbia University who was among the first to duplicate the research.

a_unique_person 14th February 2020 02:02 AM

Reading about that certainly gave my head a spin.

Cheetah 18th February 2020 11:52 PM

Cool article thanks.

Graphene is magical!
Not about superconductivity but it's electrocatalytic effect, published in ACS Nano:

Will Any Crap We Put into Graphene Increase Its Electrocatalytic Effect?



Only a few experimental and theoretical studies have found that B or S doping actually inhibits electrochemical reactions. After doping with individual atoms, it was apparently again not enough for electrocatalysis (one may be surprised that there is always room for improvement) and two-element-doped graphene was claimed to be a better catalyst than graphene doped with one element due to a so-called “synergistic effect”. Multielemental (i.e., three or more “heteroatoms” other than carbon) doped graphene became a trend. It seems that whatever “crap” we put into graphene, electrocatalysis increases. One may exaggerate only a little by saying that if we spit on graphene it becomes a better electrocatalyst.

We decided to follow the hyperbole of ever multiplying dopants; however, instead of using expensive and toxic chemicals such as ammonia, fluorine, chlorine, boranes, etc., we took a page from the pre-Haber–Bosch era and sought natural materials for the fertilization of graphene and used guano as a dopant.

We show that we can create high-entropy, multiple-element-doped graphene with outstanding electrocatalytic properties for two industrially important reactions: oxygen reduction used in fuel cells and hydrogen evolution used in electrolyzers. If we follow the claims of previously published doped graphene for electrocatalysis articles regarding “metal-free catalysis”, one can envision an era in which guano-doped graphene is used instead of platinum in fuel cells and electrolyzers, with huge societal impact not only in clean energy production and a cleaner environment but also on rural economies as guano once again becomes a valuable and highly sought-after product.

To conclude in a positive (and a bit satiric) tone, we speculate that the chemical composition of chicken guano can be tailored by feedstock (chick feed), and, therefore, the quality of the resulting doped catalyst can be further improved. We believe that there is potential for the bird dropping-doped graphene for fuel cells and in a hydrogen economy, and we believe that bird droppings can become a high-value-added product such as guano was in the past. One can only hope that with such dramatic advantages, no wars (even trade wars) will be started over bird droppings this time.

sphenisc 19th February 2020 12:32 AM

How do I get into this chicken-**** outfit?

Cheetah 19th February 2020 12:56 AM

Do you have a veranda?

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