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MoeFaux 10th March 2020 12:36 AM

Remembering Johnny Thompson
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Thinking about Johnny Thompson today, the Great Tomsoni, on the anniversary of his death, and sharing a photo of the Tomsoni button given out at his memorial service.

There doesn't seem to be much going on here within the Conjuror's Corner, but knowing those who practice the magical arts, it's hard to imagine fellows of this subforum not appreciating taking a moment to remember Johnny. He was one of the those men you would call a true gentleman, one who made you feel like you were better just by being around him (unless of course, you were focusing solely on magic, in which case, you might have felt like a better person, but maybe not as good of a magician as you would wish to have been in light of his brilliance). He was warm, and funny, and focused on you when you were with him. He was a gem.

Though I'm not a magician, he was my fellow Aristocrat, and when we would see each other through the years, we would always share a laugh about the night we met - the night he filmed his Aristocrats piece. I wish that I had stories to share of his care for the craft, at his eye for the art, but that wasn't how our friendship was; I was a fan of the man but not a student of his specialty, and therefore without the deep appreciative admiration of a fellow practitioner. I thought though, that perhaps here could be a place for anyone who loves magic to share their memories of him, his act, and his influence. Perhaps? Please do, if you can.

Magically yours,

novaphile 10th March 2020 12:51 AM


smartcooky 10th March 2020 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by novaphile (Post 13015109)

MoeFaux 10th March 2020 03:19 PM

For your laughs, from 1977 with Pam.

Trebuchet 10th March 2020 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by smartcooky (Post 13015734)

Last paren is outside the link. Fixed above.

That video was hilarious. I'll have to watch some more.

MoeFaux 10th March 2020 08:43 PM


Originally Posted by Trebuchet (Post 13015942)
Last paren is outside the link. Fixed above.

That video was hilarious. I'll have to watch some more.

Thank you for your help! I'd wondered why I hadn't seen the usual "I agree" box to click through to the video.

So glad to have shared something that made you laugh. They sure had a great shtick, didn't they? Johnny was so talented, but it's impossible to imagine him without Pam. From my understanding, she pioneered the "blonde bimbo" assistant role. The knowing looks, the eye expressions between them! It's funny, and unexpected.

I deeply regret not getting to see them perform. When I lived in Vegas and Lance was at the Monte Carlo, he had an intermission act, and they did occasional performances when Goudeau wasn't around as the regular performer. I'm so sorry I didn't pin down their show dates and take in their act in person. Thank goodness though for youtube for having videos of their work, and the privacy to howl with laughter at the Great Tomsoni in your sweat pants at home!

JPK 13th May 2020 11:42 PM

Good morning. His appearance on P&T's BS was hysterical.

MoeFaux 18th May 2020 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by JPK (Post 13089756)
Good morning. His appearance on P&T's BS was hysterical.

Was that the "Combover" appearance where he shows how he makes his hair work? That was terrific. And so damned endearing. His hair always looked great - I never knew what was actually under there!

Dumb All Over 19th May 2020 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by MoeFaux (Post 13094810)
I never knew what was actually under there!


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