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Darat 5th March 2007 09:35 AM

JREF Forum Newsletter - March 5th 2007
Newsletter – 5th March 2007

A short one!

Only a few pieces of news this month so I’ll keep it brief.

We’ve moved.... again

Hopefully you won’t even have noticed this but the Forum has been moved to a new server. Terry has worked hard to make this as seamless as possible and the one or two teething problems should be sorted out shortly. The new server is substantially more powerful than the old one with more memory, faster processors and faster discs, which should help improve overall performance and also it means the hardware issues that have plagued us for the last couple of months have been left behind. A big thank you to Terry!

Fund raising

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Members the Forum fund raising activities we started back in November have been very successful.

tkingdoll has worked very hard to provide Members with their personalised Forum shirt and this has raised over $400 for the Forum fund raising but it’s now time for this to come to an end however you have until Sunday 11th March to make an order. So if you do want a personalised Forum shirt this is your last chance! (At least for awhile - we are looking into other Forum merchandise so personalised shirts may be available later on in the year but there is no guarantee.) We’ll provide details of exactly how much the sale of shirts raised in the next Newsletter, and of course huge thank-you to tkingdoll (and Terry) for making this happen.

It’s rare I can speak on behalf of the JREF however I can say that they have been astounded and gratified at the response to the “Donation” appeal I announced last month. As I type $8,384.28 has been raised, and that is just in a month! Our target for the year was $10,000 so to have reached over 83% in one a month is fantastic.

A huge thanks to everyone who has donated – every donation is much appreciated.

(The donation appeal will keep running until we reach the end of the year or $10,000 - whichever is reached first. )

New style? Not quite....

When we introduced the new look to the header and the Forum, the “JREF Style”, we received a lot of very good constructive feedback -at the time we incorporated what we could of that feedback. However we did know there were still a few “rough edges” to the new look so we’ve taken some time to work through those and take on board as much of the constructive criticism as possible. And given there was a slight problem with the "block red" and "block blue" styles after the move to the new server it seemed a good time to introduce the not-quite-new-but-certainly-improved-and-refined look to the Forum. Hopefully you will agree that the tweaks and changes make for a professional and stylish new look.

We know many Members will still wish to have a “blue” style and if possible I will try to add a blue style option however there is a new release of the Forum software due very soon so any additional style will have to wait until after that upgrade to see if we can still easily support two quite different styles.

That’s all folks....


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