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arayder 11th January 2021 01:25 PM

Sis pins back Bobby's ears. . .
Recently, in an attempt to ingratiate himself in a new sub-culture and find new suckers, Bobby Menard posted a bit of covid denial propaganda on his Facebook page.

Then in a flash back to his childhood his older sister, Sue, chimes into his Facebook page and gives him what for. . .


Sue Menard and to reply to this comment, I had never seen or heard of this press conference or comments. I rely on scientists, not politicians. Having said that, I worked with senior civil servants, who likely wrote the comments for the doctors, for years. They are intelligent, dedicated public servants who do their best, are usually right but sometimes make mistakes. Weaponizing this event is an ad hominem logical fallacy and has no place in the topic being discussed.
WOW! Ya, gotta wonder how many Mosseheads Bobby had to choke down to erase those memories?

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