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Originally Posted by Miragememories View Post

If you look at Table 3 for example, you will see all the different reaction products, which are most notably very diverse.

Of particular interest is that most often the intermetallic compound FeAl2O4 is there, so the aluminum does not necessarily have to end up as Al2O3.

What this means is that real-world nanothermite performs very poorly! You get FeAl2O4 instead of pure iron and aluminum oxide because nanometer-sized aluminum loses so much of its mass by oxidation to Al2O3, hence much of the Fe2O3 is only partially reduced. (You can look at FeAl2O4 from the standpoint of chemical composition as FeO (iron II oxide) + Al2O3.) The study actually shows that micron-sized Al outperforms nanometer-sized Al in a gel composition.

Harrit should go back and start looking for previously invisible micron-sized aluminum spheres in his samples, instead of trying to pass off obvious platelets of aluminum silicate as “nano-aluminum” platelets, which would perform even worse than nano-aluminum spheres!

Here’s the money quote from the article:

The results showed that for thermites fueled by nano-Al, the reaction performance did not present obvious distinction. However, for thermites that used micro-Al as the reducing agent, the DSC peak temperatures of nanocomposite micro-Al/xeroFe2O3 was advanced by 68.1 deg C and 76.8 deg C respectively compared with simple mixtures. This reduction is referred to a distinct promotion of thermite reaction.

In other words, micron-sized aluminum in thermite outperforms nano-meter sized aluminum, but formulating thermite into a gel makes it easier to ignite. That is all. Class dismissed.

Really, MM, it’s time for you to hang up your Truther hat, and get on with the business of living. You wasted years of your life as a Truther. Trutherism failed because it was never interested in the truth, but was instead powered by an agenda. This is deadly to genuine science. Steven Jones has moved on and is now touting electrical circuits that supposedly put out more energy that energy than what is put in. Next stop: he’ll be touting Dr. Quack’s Miracle Cure-All and Metal Polish.

MM, stop embarrassing yourself as one of the last of a dying breed; do yourself a favor and move on.
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