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Originally Posted by wogoga View Post
Population inversion essentially means that the majority of atoms/ molecules are in an excited state....
That is not exactly what the Wikipedia article states, wogoga:
In physics, specifically statistical mechanics, a population inversion occurs when a system (such as a group of atoms or molecules) exists in a state with more members in an excited state than in lower energy states.
That is expanded on later - the major point is that it is the same excited state that the members are in.
For thermal emission from stars it is different excited states. We do not see one spectrum line from a star as in a laser, we see many lines superimposed on a continuum.

Also: Linking to a crank web site as in
Originally Posted by wogoga View Post
does not look good, wogoga.

Photons are in fact "social" but that is because they are bosons and obey Bose–Einstein statistics and have Bose–Einstein correlations, not because some crank thinks they have souls!

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