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Crazy Chainsaw,

I think it is time for you to present evidence that silicon carbide/aluminium oxide wheel cutters + steel can and do form something that is
- magnetically attracted
- red layer on gray layer
- contains lots of organic matrix
- releases 7.5 kJ/g heat upon burning
- have this microstructure with grains that look exactly like red paint pigment and platelets that look exactly like clay paint filler

Jones presented the data.

Here is an elemental spectrum of one of his chips:

and here an elemental spectrum of a bit of WTC perimeter column paint (Tnemec) that Jones retrieved from a memorial:

Please compare the two element by element, peak by peak! This is as good a match as you'll ever get in XEDS spectroscopy.

Here is "Jones'" (actually Jeff Farrer's, another co-author of Harrit) XEDS spectra from chips a+b:

And here is a simulation of another known WTC primer. We know the recipe and can deduce from it the elemental composition. XEDS-software can oroduce realistic spectra from that:

Again, compare them element by element!
(I used to have a graphic where I superimposed the sim and the Jones plot, to adapt the scales)

The DSC-charts speak for organic combustion, two of them actually have typical features for epoxy, which is the binder fpr LaClede-primer.

ALL the evidence speaks for primer paint.

You need to provide evidence for silicon carbide, al-oxide and that wheel-cutting produces such oddly-strutured chips. It is clear and extremely straight-forward how primer paint accounts for that structure.
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