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Originally Posted by Cygnus_X1 View Post
So clearly I need to continue the 'Scott Rebuttal' series. Some years ago, someone (not an EU supporter) had suggested that EU had 'moved beyond' Scott's claims, but this thread has demonstrated that lots of items from The Electric Sky continue to be regurgitated and I should revive that list of EU gaffs.
If you do this, I hope you correct your claim that magnetic field lines "can never have an endpoint." Many physicists say that, but it's a false claim unless you qualify it by saying you're talking about endpoints that actually belong to the field line.

It's easy to produce concrete examples of magnetic field lines that arise or fade out at a neutral point. The neutral point is not part of those magnetic field lines, but it is a limit point of those lines. Mathematicians would be comfortable referring to the neutral point as an endpoint of the field lines that arise or fade out at the neutral point.

This is directly relevant to Scott's argument. Donald Scott is wrong, but so are the physicists who say ∇B=0 implies magnetic field lines cannot have endpoints.
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