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Originally Posted by pgimeno View Post
So, there, that completes gerrycan's list. None of its points changes the validity of the NIST report in any way.
I received a message saying that good old Oystein was promoting a real discussion about Building 7 on the forum that once belonged to the JREF, and whatīs more, that he was actually asking the trolls to stay out.

So letīs test this and see what kind of discussion is possible, and let me focus on pgimeno since he has been the one responsible for debating gerrycan.

Before someone is tempted to flood the thread with trolling it should be known that all of my posts are sent directly your own frontman Chris Mohr and his buddy Rick Shaddock.

And since Building 7 is gathering a LOT of interest, I have asked some potential recruits to 9/11Truth to observe this discussion (they are mostly engineers). They all have very specific questions and expect very specific answers.

Now to the matter at hand. The first impression of pgimenoīs responses is a little bit disappointing because they seem to be mostly bare assertions.

So question 1 to pgimeno - topic #1:

As we all know by now the NIST says that once the girder had been displaced 6.25 inches the flange would fold. Thatīs a nice theory, sounds good. But it does of course rely on the notion that something somehow did the deed, that is the displacement.

So my question to you is, how exactly did this happen according to NIST. That is, how is this explained in NISTīs little final report? I am not interested in what you or others think may have happened, I am asking how this event happened acoording to NIST? So just refer to the relevant chapter of the final report, figures and page numbers etc.
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