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Originally posted by EvilYeti
The statement is false.

I've refreshed my local mirror of the ftp repository and built an index of all the Fortran code available. Assuming a base directory of:

...the following is an inclusive list of all published source code used in the MBH98 reconstruction.


A cursory examination shows reconstructed principal component analysis (which is what I posted to begin with) code in the PCA directory as well as code to analyze instrument data, in the INSTR directory structure.
Would you mind providing a direct link to said code? Additionally, would you mind explaining the function of the code attributed to others (1969 c-computer something) in terms that do not attempt to discourage me from finding out? I assume you have some understanding of it since you are an expert in this field.

Additionally, why was refreshing your local mirror necessary? I'm not even sure I know what that means. I'm not a big FTP user so you'll have to give me a clue as to what that means. When was this data first posted? Does it address all of the concerns outlined in the quote and link I provided?

Additionally^2, and with edit, which ones of the ones above encompass the calculation of reconstructed principal components, for the calculation of NH average temperature, for the Preisendorfer-type simulations? Point and fetch.

Additionally^3, Why did you think the first program you posted was all there was too it if you have, as you implied, done all of the necessary research. Are you still sure you have?
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