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Originally Posted by Alexander1304 View Post
Hi folks,
I decided to put it here,in 'Science' section,and not under 'Paranormal'.
It is about Robert Lanza'z another article.He argues that we create time,not other way around.Here is the article:

What bothers me with Lanza's articles that he always uses scientific experiments to support his ideas.For examples,in this article he uses references to some experiments to point out that we create time.

What do you guys think?You see,it makes sense only under 'bioncentrism'. Or is it one more woo?
Well,perhaps it shouldn't be put on 'Science',but on some other section...
Thank you

that article is very silly it basically takes some QM and then spins a fairy tale out of it. No real reason to say that 'time' doesn't exist.

The passage of events occurs, that is the essence of time, the human usage of that idea does not exclude it from reality.
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