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Originally Posted by Alexander1304 View Post
Hi folks,

What do you guys think?You see,it makes sense only under 'bioncentrism'. Or is it one more woo?
Well,perhaps it shouldn't be put on 'Science',but on some other section...

This is woo through and through.

I focus on one paragraph that is just plain wrong.
‘An experiment published in 1990 suggests that Zeno was right. In this experiment, scientists demonstrated the quantum equivalent of the adage that "a watched pot doesn't boil." This behavior, the "quantum Zeno effect," turns out to be a function of observation. "It seems,"said physicist Peter Coveney, "that the act of looking at an atom prevents it from changing". Theoretically, if a nuclear bomb were watched intently enough -- that is, if you could check its atoms every million trillionth of a second -- it wouldn't explode. Bizarre? The problem lies not in the experiments but in our way of thinking about time. Biocentrism is the only comprehensible way to explain these results, which are only "weird" in the context of the existing paradigm.’

The ‘observation’ in Lanza’s paragraph, quoted above, does not intrinsically require living organisms. Hence, biocentrism is not a very comprehensible way of explaining the results. To see this, examine an actual experiment closer.

Here is an article describing an experiment which demonstrated the quantum Zeno effect. The articles has a description of the apparatus, the atomic system and the data analysis. In particular, please look at Figure 2.

Please show us any biological intervention in the experiment taking place after the apparatus is built and turned on.
Demonstration of the continuous quantum Zeno effect in optical pumping
22 24q
K. Mølhave, M. Drewsen
A continuous quantum Zeno effect is observed in optical pumping on the 3s S1r2–3p P1r2 transition of the Mg ion.

Also note that the quantum zeno effect is used in inorganic devices as well as organisms. The use of the Zeno effect in inorganic devices shows that biology is not central to its operation.
‘The Quantum Zeno Effect is used in commercial atomic magnetometers and naturally by birds' magnetic compass sensory mechanism (magnetoreception).

So if the organism is central, how does the atomic magnetometer work?
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