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Originally Posted by Mike! View Post
It was sort of impressive, the very first time I saw it, but over time I've gotten so used to it, I'd rarely, if ever, gave it any thought.
That was, until I'd read the OP, then it was like... Woah, mind = blown. I must have time altering superpowers.

Now we're talking! What good are time altering superpowers if you can't profit from them?
If I'm not mistaken, 'Zero Point' is the same as 'Pointless', right? If so, I'm pretty close to that now.

Mainly to generate the unholy substance known as 'Mac'n'Cheese', which, despite my utter revulsion to the substance, my kids love to no end. Go figure.

No, no, no. What's in the pot is FOR the babies. (See above)

Isn't it, "A watched clock never tics.", or is it, 'A stitch in time has blown my mind.' ?
Nonononono! It's "a stitch in time causes puckering"
What do Narwhals, Magnets and Apollo 13 have in common? Think about it....
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