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Originally Posted by Jabba View Post
- I don't ignore her statement. I place it in the "con" pan, and try to give it the weight it deserves. While I accept that her opinion deserves a lot of weight, I just don't give it as much weight as do you. Not yet, at least.
-There are no pans. Only evidence, or in your case, a complete lack thereof.

-Effective debate® has failed.

-One respondent at a time has failed.

-The scales® analogy has failed.

-All you can do now is back your assertions with actual evidence.

-Anything you do that is not presenting evidence can be dismissed as a stalling tactic.

-Make with the *********** evidence already.

-Your clothes. Give them to me. Now
"There is a plenty of proof, but unfortunately it is entirely unprovable." - Punshhh
"There’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot." – Stephen Wright
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