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Originally Posted by Jabba View Post
- I don't ignore her statement. I place it in the "con" pan, and try to give it the weight it deserves. While I accept that her opinion deserves a lot of weight, I just don't give it as much weight as do you. Not yet, at least.
My Dear Mr. Savage:

You have not the expertise to pretend to equate Mme. F-L's exhaustive examination of the actual CIQ with M&P's second-hand conjectures about "...some patching" that they have invented to explain the "wrong" date.

You claim not to be ignoring it; you are certainly dismissing it.

Observation can produce evidence. Conjecture does not.

Did you miss the part where a "French" reweave is "smaller than a dime"?

I continue to remain,

patiently yours, &ct.
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