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Originally Posted by Jabba View Post
- I did contact a reweaving firm, discovered that "French Reweave" required using all original material and I posted that information here.
- But also, Pakeha posted the following -- According to the president and owner of the firm, French Reweaving does result in a repair that is invisible to the naked eye, from both sides.
- Unfortunately, that doesn't help my argument any -- unless, the handling while doing the French Reweave would significantly contaminate the area. I assume that it would not -- but, I don't know and will try (amongst other related errands) to contact Joe Marino for his position on that.
Don't know where you got that from:

Originally Posted by withoutatrace
The repair is virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding fabric
The repair is only "virtually indistinguishable", and only with the naked eye. The Turin Shroud was subjected to far more detailed scrutiny.

Even so, French Reweaving requires the use of the original thread and so wouldn't have an impact on the dating.

edited to add....

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