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Originally Posted by Jabba View Post
According to Jay, observation "trumps" inference.
And I explained in detail which was the inference and which was the observation and why each merits the label I applied. Do not pretend I said or implied otherwise. Do not pretend my statement "somehow" defends your argument.

I would point out that this word doesn't really apply -- and confuses the issue
No, do not resort to word games. The words mean what I say they do, and they convey the appropriate meanings in my argument.

when we're considering "preponderance of evidence."
You have no evidence. You are pitting conjecture against observation. You are pitting inference against observation. You have absurdly tried to excuse your lack of evidence with the further speculation that it's invisible. That's just silly.

Do I need to explain?
Yes. And you need to explain it in a way that doesn't try to redefine words. That's just another way to shift the goalposts.
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