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Originally Posted by MicahJava
Originally Posted by ProBonoShill
Please provide a video that mimics what is seen here on a real CD.

Though hundreds of videos exist showing the collapse of WTC 7, not a single solitary truther has ever been able to provide one, why don't you be the first.
Collapse or Explosion? A Discussion of the WTC “Sounds of Explosions” Issue by Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor?
Adam f****** Taylor???

You just refuse to learn.

Everything that’s gone wrong in your screwed up version of reality is due to the fact that you give credence to the opinions of amateurs and ignore professionals.

I gave you a link to an elaborate report by Brent Blanchard, Operations Manager for Protec, a company that performs seismic monitoring services for explosive demolitions companies. An expert in the field of "seismic recordings of controlled demolitions".

That company had seismic sensors strewn around Manhattan on 9/11/01.

Blanchard wrote up a detailed analysis on why NO explosive demolitions could possibly have happened on 9/11 and avoided being recorded on his seismometers.

Your response: Silence.
Not one word. You didn’t even bother to read the report from an expert on the topic that you keep screwing up, did you.

Now, you come back with … Adam Taylor.

Let me introduce you to the clueless moron that is Adam Taylor:
From AE911T:

Originally Posted by Adam Taylor
Currently a university student. Am not a huge science expert, but have a basic understanding of physics, especially Newton's Laws of Motion.
I can assure you, Micah, that he has NO CLUE about any aspect of Newton’s Laws of Motion.
I DO know them. I taught them (& a lot more) to college engineering students.

Apparently he studied liberal arts & political science, and now works in “business services”.
In other words, he is 100% clueless about structural engineering, physics, building collapse … or any pertinent 9/11 field of study.

He has ZERO knowledge of any aspect of engineering.
He wrote a 5 part series that he claims “debunks” the Popular Mechanics “Debunking 9/11 Myths”.

The Popular Mechanics staff are EXPERTS in “writing fact based technical articles”. That’s what they do for a living. That’s what they get paid for.
Every one of the people listed below is an expert in the specific field of the questions which Popular Mechanics posed to them.
Popular Mechanics depended on the opinions of ZERO amateurs.

Let’s look at the references used by Popular Mechanics for their article:

From the 2006 book
2006 edition

"To investigate 16 of the most prevalent claims made by conspiracy theorists, POPULAR MECHANICS assembled a team of nine researchers and reporters who, together with PM editors, consulted more than 70 professionals in fields that form the core content of this magazine, including aviation, engineering and the military.”


Air Crash Analysis
Cleveland Center regional air traffic control
Bill Crowley special agent, FBI
Ron Dokell president, Demolition Consultants
Richard Gazarik staff writer, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Yates Gladwell pilot, VF Corp.
Michael K. Hynes, Ed.D. ATP, CFI, A&P/IA president, Hynes Aviation Services; expert, aviation crashes
Ed Jacoby Jr. director, New York State Emergency Management Office (Ret.); chairman, New York State Disaster Preparedness Commission (Ret.)
Johnstown-Cambria County Airport Authority
Cindi Lash staff writer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Matthew McCormick manager, survival factors division, National Transportation Safety Board (Ret.)
Wallace Miller coroner, Somerset County, PA
Robert Nagan meteorological technician, Climate Services Branch, National Climatic Data Center
Dave Newell director, aviation and travel, VF Corp.
James O'Toole politics editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pennsylvania State Police Public Information Office
Jeff Pillets senior writer, The Record, Hackensack, NJ
Jeff Rienbold director, Flight 93 National Memorial, National Park Service
Dennis Roddy staff writer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Master Sgt. David Somdahl public affairs officer, 119th Wing, North Dakota Air National Guard
Mark Stahl photographer; eyewitness, United Airlines Flight 93 crash scene

Air Defense
Lt. Col. Skip Aldous (Ret.) squadron commander, U.S. Air Force
Tech. Sgt. Laura Bosco public affairs officer, Tyndall Air Force Base
Boston Center regional air traffic control
Laura Brown spokeswoman, Federal Aviation Administration
Todd Curtis, Ph.D. founder,; president, Foundation
Keith Halloway public affairs officer, National Transportation Safety Board
Ted Lopatkiewicz director, public affairs, National Transportation Safety Board
Maj. Douglas Martin public affairs officer, North American Aerospace Defense Command
Lt. Herbert McConnell public affairs officer, Andrews AFB
Michael Perini public affairs officer, North American Aerospace Defense Command
John Pike director,
Hank Price spokesman, Federal Aviation Administration
Warren Robak RAND Corp.
Bill Shumann spokesman, Federal Aviation Administration
Louis Walsh public affairs officer, Eglin AFB
Chris Yates aviation security editor, analyst, Jane's Transport

Fred E.C. Culick, Ph.D., S.B., S.M. professor of aeronautics, California Institute of Technology
Clint Oster professor of public and environmental affairs, Indiana University; aviation safety expert
Capt. Bill Scott (Ret. USAF) Rocky Mountain bureau chief, Aviation Week
Bill Uher News Media Office, NASA Langley Research Center
Col. Ed Walby (Ret. USAF) director, business development, HALE Systems Enterprise, Unmanned Systems, Northrop Grumman

Image Analysis
William F. Baker member, FEMA Probe Team; partner, Skidmore, Owings, Merrill
W. Gene Corley, Ph.D., P.E., S.E. senior vice president, CTL Group; director, FEMA Probe Team
Bill Daly senior vice president, Control Risks Group
Steve Douglass image analysis consultant, Aviation Week
Thomas R. Edwards, Ph.D. founder, TREC; video forensics expert.
Ronald Greeley, Ph.D. professor of geology, Arizona State University
Rob Howard freelance photographer; WTC eyewitness
Robert L. Parker, Ph.D. professor of geophysics, University of California, San Diego

Structural Engineering / Building Collapse
Farid Alfawakhiri, Ph.D. senior engineer, American Institute of Steel Construction
David Biggs, P.E. structural engineer, Ryan-Biggs Associates; member, ASCE team for FEMA report
Robert Clarke structural engineer, Controlled Demolitions Group Ltd.
Glenn Corbett technical editor, Fire Engineering; member, NIST advisory committee
Vincent Dunn deputy fire chief (Ret.), FDNY; author, The Collapse Of Burning Buildings: A Guide To Fireground Safety
John Fisher, Ph.D. professor of civil engineering, Lehigh University; professor emeritus, Center for Advanced Technology; ember, FEMA Probe Team
Ken Hays executive vice president, Masonry Arts
Christoph Hoffmann, Ph.D. professor of computer science, Purdue University;
project director, September 11 Pentagon Attack Simulations Using LS-Dyna, Purdue University
Allyn E. Kilsheimer, P.E. CEO, KCE Structural Engineers PC; chief structural engineer, Phoenix project; expert in blast recovery, concrete structures, emergency response
Won-Young Kim, Ph.D. seismologist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
William Koplitz photo desk manager, FEMA
John Labriola freelance photographer, WTC survivor
Arthur Lerner-Lam, Ph.D. seismologist; director, Earth Institute, Center for Hazards and Risk Research, Columbia University
James Quintiere, Ph.D. professor of engineering, University of Maryland member, NIST advisory committee
Steve Riskus freelance photographer; eyewitness, Pentagon crash
Van Romero, Ph.D. vice president, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Christine Shaffer spokesperson, Viracon
Mete Sozen, Ph.D., S.E. Kettelhut Distinguished Professor of Structural Engineering, Purdue University
Shyam Sunder, Sc.D., acting deputy director, lead investigator, Building and Fire Research Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Mary Tobin science writer, media relations, Earth Institute, Columbia University
Forman Williams, Ph.D. professor of engineering, physics, combustion, University of California,
San Diego; member, advisory committee, National Institute of Standards and Technology

We’ve already seen Adam Taylor’s expertise in “writing fact based technical articles”:
He has none.

We’ve seen his expertise in air crash analysis, Air Defense, Aviation, Image Analysis, Structural engineering and building collapse.
He has none. In ANY of those topics.

But he feels qualified to “debunk” the opinions of experts in each of those fields.

So, let’s see the reference that Adam uses:

References for Part 1 of his Series:

i Quoted from: City in the Sky: The Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center by James Glanz and Eric Lipton, pg. 134-136
[James Glanz thinks that 9/11 Twoofers are morons, by the way.]

ii Quoted from: Twin Towers Engineered To Withstand Jet Collision, The Seattle Times
[Taylor doesn’t have the slightest f’king clue what he’s yammering about. I outlined why he is 100% wrong, here.]

iii For more information on the pre-9/11 claims about the Towers’ strength, see:

iv The following links provide arguments against the lobby damage being caused by explosives:

v The following link provides arguments against the lobby damage being caused by a jet fuel fireball:

vi This paper provides detailed measurements for how much fuel actually remained on the impact floors, and shows that the amount in either Tower was actually quite small in relation to each Tower, much less a single floor:
vi iSee:

Do you get the picture yet??

Amateurs deluding amateurs.

Amateurs like you.
Deluding amateurs like ... yourself.
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