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Mathematics are the Kryptonite of conspiracy theories.

If the sun is 2500 miles above the earth's surface, then from 6000 miles away from the point directly beneath the sun it will appear at 22.62 above the horizon and be 6500 miles distant from the observer. So how big is the sun? The angular size of the sun varies between 0.545 and 0.5267. Let's take the average of 0.53585 and round it to 0.536. Now if we are at a position to observe the sun at the local zenith, directly under it, and we have the values of 0.536 for angular size and 2500 for distance, then we can determine that its actual size is 23.4 miles in diameter. But someone standing 6000 miles from the point directly under the sun should see the sun's angular size shrink to 0.206, a 61% reduction. But, of course, everyone on earth sees the same angular size for the sun at the same time. (Sure, technically someone at the point closest to the sun sees it slightly larger than someone standing at the terminator, but the difference in distance is only about 0.004%.) For the observer 6500 miles from the sun to see it with an angular size of 0.536, it would have to be 60.8 miles in diameter. The zetetic model just doesn't work.

Then there's the problem of the moon. Everyone on earth sees virtually the same face of the moon at the same time. Two people seeing the moon from opposite sides of the earth at the same time will only see a rotational difference of 1.9 between them. But for the moon to be closer to the earth's surface than 2500 miles, let's say 2490 miles, Then the difference in angle for two observers standing 6000 miles apart would be a whopping 67.5! From the earth, we'd be able to see most of the moon's surface, rather than slightly over half of it. And the moon would still have the same problems as the sun in regard to angular size.

And there's still the problem of what compass heading people see the sun at from various locations, and the apparent motion of the stars from the southern hemisphere.

Sorry, but the zetetic cosmology is just a gnostic cult for people who can't do basic geometry, but want to think they're among the world's cleverest thinkers.
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