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Originally Posted by The Man View Post
Yep, no magnetic reconnection has been a staple of EU proponents as long as I've been aware of them. Quite telling that proponents of Electro-magnetic dominance in the universe can be so astonishingly, demonstrably and stubbornly wrong about a fundamental aspect of magnetism that you can demonstrate to yourself with just some simple object you probably already have. Just a historically fundamental experiment in magnetism, a bar magnet and compass, demonstrates magnetic reconection as the compass primarily connected to the Earths field is not homeomophic to the compass primarily connected to the bar magnet field. That lack of homeomorphism just wasn't well understood in the early days of electromagnetic experimentation. If your whole shtick is electro-magnetism and you can't even get a fundamental aspect of that right you get nothing but fail.
I think that a lot of the problems stem from their hero worship of Alfvén; "Alfvén said such and such, therefore it must be true!" Unfortunately for them, although he got a lot of stuff right, he also got a fair bit of stuff wrong.
His railing against magnetic recombination being a case in point. This is something that has been demonstrated in the lab countless times, and observed in astrophysical contexts, as well. Despite that, the EU ideologues still deny it can happen, purely based on Alfvén saying it couldn't! This from a bunch who supposedly believe that lab experiment is everything!

He also banged on a lot about double layers, which is probably why Sol is so keen to ascribe them to pretty much anything, including diamagnetic cavity boundaries! Alfvén and D. A. Mendis were keen on seeing certain phenomena in comets as being possibly due to double layers (albeit in the tail). Mendis wrote a lot on comets, and you can find this DL stuff in earlier work of his, mostly prior to Halley. After that he seems to lose interest in finding them. Observation (or the lack thereof) has a habit of doing that.

Alfvén's views on comets were essentially mainstream, and totally at odds with Thornhill's unscientific nonsense. However, he did come up with the rather strange idea that comets could not only produce meteor streams, but could also still be forming from them! I found this unusual abstract from a symposium in 1970. What is unusual about it is the criticism you can see from other scientists (including Whipple) below the abstract:
So, he did come up with some rather strange stuff, including the Alfvén-Klein model of the universe.
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