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Originally Posted by JeanTate View Post
Actually, I should have done some research, on what's already available, here in the ISF.

For example, there are two excellent threads on this topic:
Magnetic reconnection and physical processes
Problems With Magnetic Reconnection

Between them they address each and every one of the points in my initial post (and thanks to jd116 for some additional historical references on Alfven). And lots more besides.

Now back to your regular program...
Also, just to continue the OT theme, there was a HUGE 'electric sun' thread (, in which Tim Thompson and W.D. Clinger, among others, tried to explain it to MM. MM eventually got banned, seemingly none the wiser. I however, having read that whole thread recently, now have a reasonable understanding of MRx, thanks to the aforementioned TT and WDC!

WDC created a very useful webpage which is still up:

And there is the collection linking Tim's posts:
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