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Originally Posted by Reality Check View Post
Originally Posted by Sol88
If not Birkeland Currents: A Force-Free Field-Aligned Model
18 July 2017 Sol88: Abysmal ignorance about plasma, Birkeland currents and 67P!
We expect plasma to form filaments.
Birkeland currents are caused by the solar wind encountering a strong planetary magnetic field and are hard to detect, e.g. the only known occurrence is around the Earth and we had to put a spacecraft inside them to measure the specific configuration that identifies them.

What makes this ignorance abysmal: 67P has no magnetic field !
That paper by Donald Scott and his similar (pre-print?) one here, effectively demonstrates Scott's ignorance of the Physics of Birkeland Current fields!
The second paper was reviewed here. After reviewing the paper at length, (in Mozina's chosen realm), it was difficult to escape the conclusion that the bulk of the core technical content was entirely Lundquist's and not Scott's. In fact, Scott then went on to completely misinterpret the original fundamental physical definitions/models, resulting in his subsequent analysis going rapidly downhill thereon.

RC's above reference to 'abysmal ignorance', therefore, is not limited to mere 'EU enthusiasts'! (Ie: it clearly covers the popular EU 'theorist' (Scott) reference as well).
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