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Originally Posted by Johanabrahams View Post
You do not really believe that so many will make up something that does not exist. Even the differences and struggle between them is never about His existence. Every on that speak in that sphere of life is a witness about the existence of God and on the fact that he/she met Him in a certain way. You will not understand people speaking about God without this understanding. It will look like madness or ignorance or whatever your reasoning. But whatever your reasoning you will not be satisfied with it. The reason is that all of those people can not be mad. They also can not be ignorant. Or whatever your reasoning.
You accept Judaism? Islam? Hinduism? Buddhism? Shamanism? Druidism? Voodooism? Satanism? Paganism? New Ageism in all it's forms? Deism? Pantheism? Panentheism? B'ahai? Polytheism?

Your argument logically requires that you must, because all of those believers couldn't possibly be mad or ignorant, right?

Surely they could not all be mad and by your own argument, you must accept all of those and many, many more.

And what of your own peculiar flavour of christianity? Just one out of an estimated 30,000 flavours of christianity. Most of those would outright reject your version. They cannot be all mad or ignorant by your own argument.

Originally Posted by Johanabrahams View Post
That is just your opinion.
Everything you post is "just your opinion".

Originally Posted by Johanabrahams View Post
And because you have not met Him you can not say that He does not exist.
I have seen no evidence for the existence of any of the many claimed deities. None. No more that there is evidence for universe forming pixies. Do you believe the universe was created by universe forming pixies? Why not?

Originally Posted by Johanabrahams View Post
About the "spiritual mother": You will not understand me and my reasons and motivation to be here except in that context.
I did my research, I understand exactly what motivates you to make such claims. Now, I refuse to publicly post to whom I spoke, nor what they told me as that would be unfair to you, and to them for that matter. In fact, the condition of any communications was that they not be republished and that anonymity was sacrosanct. I respect that. But don't be under some illusion that you can pull the wool over my eyes with your sanctimonious baloney.
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