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Originally Posted by Johanabrahams View Post
The only one that wasted his time was you trying to get somebody to tell us why they are correct. But you did learn something in this also. You learned about the futility of "gossip". "Evidence" of my lies are important and the witnesses are there. Is that the best that you could do. Only found someone scared to death to speak against a "whatever".

Said someone that does not know anything about this God. I do not believe that a torture till the human body dies is "an inconvenienced weekend".

The only one that "has nothing to back them up" is you and your "gossip" trip.

So do you not think you will do yourself a favor if you try and understand why someone will not speak up when he is invited by everyone to reveal something "bad" that is "hidden". That somebody has the whole of Robertson behind him. He also has me behind him. Not speaking behind my back but to me. What you and him did by speaking about me was in the wrong. You should speak to me. So what is keeping him or them from doing the right thing? The believe they are those doing the right thing. Yet they keep themselves busy with the wrong thing.

I mean I am very "bad". So that has to be said. No matter the consequences. And it will not suffice to just say I am "bad". There needs to be evidence. And now the witnesses who have seen and is still seeing the "bad" are hiding away. This is really "bad". Especially after they said I am "bad" and now not coming here to proof it. Making my name "bad". Sending you here to bring their message. I am "bad". Do you not see that that is bad. And do you not see that you are part of it now? Doing "bad" things.

Are you really that blind?

Do you really not see your "secret baloney".

So we can go further. This "bad" is now here. Speaking about the same "bad" that he is living out there. Spreading the "bad" everywhere. That is really "bad". And you knowing about the "bad" is now also hiding the "bad". And everybody wants you to reveal the "bad" because nobody sees it. Only you and them. And you made a pact there to never speak about the "bad". It just has to go on and on and on. No solution for the "bad". Those with the knowledge are just in pact to hide it away.

Seems to me that you and Robertson are doomed. To just be part of "bad" always. And then you tell all these people. I am "bad". No evidence. Have a pact not to say anything. So everyone now is in fear. Of me. But looking at you we see no fear in you. So you and your message are opposing each other. Now all these poor people here what should they now believe. Your actions or your words. Do you want to take them also on "your gossip train"?

"secret baloney"
Close to the mark indeed.

I have satisfied myself as to the veracity of what I have been told. The mods have ruled discussion of same to be off topic so I suggest you drop it.

Nobody here is "in fear of you". What is there to fear? My actions are simply those of a skeptic. Take the time to determine the facts. I did. End of story.
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