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Originally Posted by quadraginta View Post
None of those would bother the average conservative Republican.
Exactly, but they do anger the average Democrat. It's as if he's trying to provoke anger against himself. That could be a strategy, angry responses are typically poorly recieved and angry opponents are opponents who don't weigh their options as well as they should.

In an extreme case he could be attempting to provoke a coup. If he survives he's president for life a la Erdogan. US is not Latin America though so that's a tall, very tall order, but I can imagine Trump or whomever is behind the strategy to have that in mind and plan accordingly. If it works, fine. If it doesn't it costs them nothing while weakening the opposition.

It could also all be out of spite of course. Democrats support those policies so they will be removed with no consideration whether they're good or bad.

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