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Oh, really? When my contacts have specifically stated that they want anonymity as a condition of their response? You think I should take a massive dump on them and their right to privacy? Just for your benefit? That's what you think?
Nope. I didn't say that. I said you were caught. But there are more to ask. Maybe you will be more wise when you speak to others. Or do you think all 4000 are ghosts? I mean you found some ghosts. Are the others following?

As I said in another reply. There is one church that went against all the others. They are called "Die Lede in Christus". I do believe that they might value not being ghosts and are are from a different spirit. They do not believe in "back speaking" and court orders. They have admitted that fighting me is wrong. They went further. They also called me back and accepted me as a brother in Christ. One of the guys I can remember well is Kobus Loyd. He is a leader there. Maybe you should ask him if he has courage enough to say something which obviously he will have to stand for and not hide away from.

Thus making him reality vs the ghosts.

Originally Posted by abaddon View Post
OK, "god" or "mom" or whatever it is you are calling yourself today, if you are a deity, compel me to reveal whatever it is you want to know. Bet you can't. Why? Because you are powerless. Why else? Because I signed a code of professional ethics decades ago and I meant it.
I never said to go against their wishes. But to be part and parcel of ghosts are not wise. Get real people. Like me.

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You simply will not extract from me any identifier for anyone, ever.
No need to. You can stick with your ghosts.

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And there is nothing you can do about that, "god"/"mom"/whatever.
Do not want to do anything. You can stay in your corner.

Originally Posted by abaddon View Post
Why not? Because you are powerless to do anything about it.
Nope. I show you the path. If you do not want to walk there then stay with the ghosts.

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