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Originally Posted by rjh01 View Post
I prefer the method that is used in the ACT and Tasmania.
The "Hare-Clark" system (multi-member electorates with voting in each electorate counted using PR) is indeed an improvement on single member electorates. However it is not immune to gerrymandering and in states like California with its 57 EC votes it would be a nightmare. Filling out yard long ballot papers has always been a problem in Australia. MMP is totally gerrymander proof and still allows voters to vote for the candidate of their choice in individual electorates (who may be from a different party than the one that they vote for).

MMP could easily be adapted in the US for presidential elections (maybe just voting for the national candidate instead of a candidate/party vote). If you didn't want faceless people from an electoral college making the final determination then you could always do what they do in France - hold a runoff election if no candidate gets an absolute majority of EC votes.
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