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Originally Posted by JoeBentley View Post
just the basic nuts and bolts as to how the voting works on a functional level.
Well, there is a voting booth with a desk, a pencil and a blank ballot. Then the voter comes in, and...

Originally Posted by JoeBentley View Post
1. Is it "better" if the majority of voters get their preferred candidate or the majority of voters get an acceptable candidate?
1. Winner take all, first past the post.
2. The Alternative Vote / Ranked Voting.
3. The Electoral College.
4. Consolation Prize Voting.
Oh. Aha. Okay then.

My preference is none of the above, but rather, multi-dimensional democracy. Autonomy of political parties. We count the votes, and then each party gets to control a geographical area, and a share of the total national funds, equal to its statistical share of the votes. No winners, no losers. Only larger and smaller political trends, which all run their own affairs.
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