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Originally Posted by JJM 777 View Post
My preference is none of the above, but rather, multi-dimensional democracy. Autonomy of political parties. We count the votes, and then each party gets to control a geographical area, and a share of the total national funds, equal to its statistical share of the votes. No winners, no losers. Only larger and smaller political trends, which all run their own affairs.
I'm not particularly comfortable with this approach because it means that pretty much everybody will be living in an area where the ruling party doesn't have the support of the majority of the population. Let's say that an ultra-conservative party manages to get 15% of the vote nationally, this means that they get to exert absolute control over 15% of the country. Those poor ******** have to live in a place where abortion isn't an option, where the 10 commandments are literally applied, where Christianity is the only acceptable religion and where LBGTQ people have no rights whatsoever.

Who gets to decide which 15% of the country gets screwed over so completely ?
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