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Originally Posted by BStrong View Post
Unless the nation wants the most populous municipalities or regions to control the course for the nation as a whole, keep the electoral college, even when we get a two legged cluster **** like Trump it's better than the alternative.

That might have been a good reason for the EC in the past, but it isn't working that way anymore. There are few purely agrarian states. Many have large rural areas but are dominated by a few (or just one) single city.

Illinois was 54% urban in 1970 and 70% urban in 2010. By a somewhat different measure, the South was only 25.5% urban in 1910 but 75.8% a hundred years later.

The overall effect is that the Electoral College is no longer preserving rural voting strength because it only does so at the state level. You're going to have to break it down to regions or counties within each state to achieve that again.

And before you argue that the liberal east would have outsized influence, remember that Texas and Florida (Trump) each have higher populations than New York. Georgia and North Carolina each have higher populations than New Jersey. And Massachusetts, that bastion of liberalism, is 15th.
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