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Originally Posted by BStrong View Post
Cage fight MMA style.

Local and state, one voter, one vote.

Unless the nation wants the most populous municipalities or regions to control the course for the nation as a whole, keep the electoral college, even when we get a two legged cluster **** like Trump it's better than the alternative.
The idea that the Electoral College "protects" rural areas or smaller states from... something is one of the most pervasive and dangerous myths in modern politics.

1. The Electoral College does not protect rural areas or prevent the candidates from focusing on only the big cities.

The pure demographics of how America is set up simply make it impossible. A candidate could win every single vote from every single citizen in the top 100 most populated cities in the US all the way from mighty New York City down to humble Spokane, Washington and they would have a grand total of... 19.4 percent of the vote. A big city focus is not going to win elections in the US.

The idea that without the Electoral Collage is the only thing to keep a candidate from jetting between New York, Chicago, and LA and ignoring all the breadbasket "Real American" blue collar flyover states just seems to be one that won't die.

2. Now on to the big state / small state argument. The Elecotoral College does not protect the "small states" from "the big states."

A candidate doesn't care about either the state or the people in them. They care about the Electoral Votes. That's why Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia are pretty much the only states that matter in election years. California, Texas, and New York aren't ignored because they Electoral Collage handicaps them... they are ignored because they are safe. They aren't close.

Florida (3rd in population), Pennsylvania (6th), Ohio (7th), North Carolina (9th) and Virginia (12th) are the states that get the most attention, money, and campaign visits in every election because they are the most populous states that aren't already overwhelmingly Democratic or Republican.

Here's how many official campaign stops each state got in 2016 between the official nominations of the two major parties candidates and election night.

And none of this changes the fact that real vote happens by unelected, legally unaccountable electors in December.

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