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Originally Posted by psionl0 View Post
It's not about rights but realities. Most people don't vote for an individual. They vote for/against a party or for/against the president/prime minister. Try to take parties out of the system and you end up with elections where most people don't really know what the candidates stand for.
And, to me at least, this isn't a "problem" that voting systems can solve.

If the electorate is too lazy to spend 30 minutes on Google glancing at a dozen or so candidates web page at some point in the buildup to election day we deserve whatever we get.

It's 2017. Every candidate is going to have a website and 99% of the voting population has a web capable device never more than an arm's length from them throughout pretty much their entire life. You could almost literally walk into a polling station on election day without even knowing the candidates names and learn the basics of where they stand on the popular issues while waiting in line to vote. Hell there's websites where you enter in your address and it will literally generate a cheat sheet for you.

If a society can support a year plus (as in does the election cycle in America ever really stop?) long election cycle (I don't think most Americans grasp how insane that is to other countries) with 24 hour news coverage we can stop pretending "We can't be bothered to actually learn anything about the candidates" is a demographic we should be concerned with.

Again we don't need a voting system that protects us from ourselves.
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