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Originally Posted by Cainkane1 View Post
I told him I gain nothing but that atheists feel they possess a hard unpleasant truth that they have come to terms with, no life after death but no guilt feeling about committing some vague harmless "sin".

Do you guys agree?
Well one, I didn't 'choose' not to believe in God any more than I chose not believe in fairies, leprechauns or alien abduction. I can't believe in what is patently 'unbelievable'.

As someone who grew up going to church regularly I admit I miss the community of church. I take to heart the teachings of Jesus's teachings to care for our fellow man.

But I don't miss pretending to believe in the ridiculous. I don't miss being ashamed of enjoying a sex life. I don't miss listening to charlatans who want me to pay for their family's next holiday vacation. The Mormon church bankrolled the California Initiative against homosexuality. Never mind that Joseph Smith was a sleazeball con-artist and sexual predator and pedophile.

I'd say there is nothing to gain in not believing a fairy tale, but there is. You gain your critical thinking skills.
A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence.
― David Hume
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