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Originally Posted by JoeBentley View Post
Okay. Do you have a response to go along with that?
Somewhere (about here) you switched from discussing voting systems to criticizing voters for not being more politically astute and concluding that we should not have a voting system that "protects people from themselves".

If a voter would rather vote for a party and let the party choose the elected candidate then that should be catered for. It's the party that is going to choose the candidate anyway and the only thing the voter can say is "yay" or "nay". It is rare for a local member to build up a personal following that is big enough for him to defy the parties (especially under FPTP).
"The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled. Where something so important is involved, a deeper mystery seems only decent." - Galbraith, 1975
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