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Thumbs down A lying question to derail from his electric comet insanity

Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
What did M.A’Hearn mean then champ?
15 October 2018: A lying question to derail from his electric comet insanity.

Explained in what he replied to.
15 October 2018: Repeats his insane insult of A’Hearn, emphasizing his electric comet insanity.

Sol88's electric comet insanity:
Sol88's comet delusions include comets are rocks; these rocks were blasted from the Earth including recently; blasting was by electrical discharges between Earth and Venus; an imaginary solar electric field charges up comets; the charge causes never detected electrical discharges; comet jets are electrical discharges; images show that comets are rocks; Birkeland currents in comets and their tails with no appropriate magnetic field; papers using bedrock to describe layers of ices support his comet are rock delusion, imaginary double layers do magic; many years of lying that ices have not been detected on comets, a "hard shell of refractory +material on the outside" lie, insanity of consolidated ices and dust in papers being rock, an insane spate of lies about ices and dust papers.
Totally inane delusions about charge separation doing magic. Stupidly thinks that a ambipolar electric field is a double layer.
Insanity of dust removal from the surface changing measured comet density
Electrical discharge machining insanity

+ a repeated abysmal insult of Michael A’Hearn

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