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Originally Posted by jsfisher View Post
So, where has Mills written about this phenomenon you seem to have just made up on the spot?
This comes from personal communication with Dr. Mills on the now defunct SoCP. The archives have been removed as well so I'm afraid all we have to go on is my memory. My apologies if you find that insufficient.

you are side-stepping the question of hydrino creation in nature you so inappropriately dismissed by observing a lack of high current.
The hydrino reaction may occur naturally in many places. Undersea volcanoes, lightning, gunpower and the solar corona have all been proposed. I'm merely pointing out that in each of these cases except the solar corona, the lack of a continuing source of arc plasma means that the reaction will not be self-sustaining. The universe is full of dark matter, so it doesn't seem inconsistent that it may be created ubiquitously.

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