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It's been rather quiet here in the 'electric comet' thread.

Sol88! Your failures in comprehension are legendary! Shall we discuss?

I give you an opportunity to educate and enlighten the science community! You give us NOTHING!

In my last post, I asked you 56 specific questions designed to explore your 'electric comet' model! Your response? SILENCE! DEAD AIR! NOTHING!

How can I help you build a working model of an 'electric comet' or an 'electric star' if you don't answer my questions? How can we get to the meat of your model without numbers?

And where's the link to the A'Hearn et al (TBD) paper that talks about comets not being made of ROCK? What are you afraid of discovering, Sol88? Why do you fear looking through the telescope? What might you find?

Please reread my last post, and try again! There are some really important 'electric comet' modeling questions that require your expert input! I offer my thanks in advance!

Now, let's address your pithy response to my last post ...
Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
No, A'Hearn said mostly rock, not rock rock. Everybody knows comets are not rocks.


I’d be able to call them stoney agglomerations with h little no ice, if that’s what’s settled on for the future description of cometary nuclei.
Really? "Everybody knows comets are not rocks." Did you really say that? "Everybody ...?"

Remember, Sol88! The internet never, ever forgets! I present for your consideration, a few random quotes from our resident 'ec' expert! Please, note the dates!

Date = 2009/07/09
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2009/07/09 View Post
I mean nothing has really changed in the Electric comet theory camp per say, but evidence for the electric comet model has become much stronger and the dirtysnowball (or whatever mainstreams "model" is ) position has become untenable!

Simple and unexciting, apologies again.

I mean if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck...then it is most likely a DUCK!
So, nothing has changed in nearly ten years! Including the fact we still have no 'electric comet' model!

Date = 2009/07/09
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2009/07/09 View Post
They smashed into a rock, you know, like an asteroid!
Not what the science says!

Date = 2009/07/19
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2009/07/19 View Post
The fact remains they, comets, are rock, not dirty snowbanks as calculated! And as a prediction they will be found to be so, rock!

Comets are "rocks" on eccentric orbits!


your are the brilliant mathematicians your work it out into any unit you like, facts are still the same, asteroids like comets are "rock"!!
Like 21/Lutetia with a bulk density of 3400 kg/m3? Or 4/Vesta with a bulk density of 3456 kg/m3?

Date = 2009/07/28
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2009/07/28 View Post
This puts at odds the long held belief that comets are left over dusty iceballs but really "rock", on an eccentric orbit around and through the sun's weak electric field, when a large enough potential develops a sheath will form around the comet and it will glow in X-rays/UV. This is what we've called the coma.

Date = 2009/08/07
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2009/08/07 View Post
Or we could take all the data we have collected so far about "rocks" hanging out in the solar wind and work from there instead!

Lets take what we do know;

Any object not protected by an atmosphere or magnetosphere and in the solar wind stream will charge positive and the sunward facing side and negative on the nightside. This is a fact.

Date = 2009/08/26
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2009/08/26 View Post
Rock is what "we" all call rock, rock
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
In geology, rock is a naturally occurring solid aggregate of minerals and/or mineraloids.
The new Wikipedia definition (as of 2019/01/29) has been modified thus, ...
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Rock or stone is a natural substance, a solid aggregate of one or more minerals or mineraloids. For example, granite, a common rock, is a combination of the minerals quartz, feldspar and biotite. The Earth's outer solid layer, the lithosphere, is made of rock.

Date = 2009/10/16
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2009/10/16 View Post
And comets??? far as I can tell they're rocks??? Same as the moon asteroids and rocky planets!

The process is just far more energetic on comets (highly charged rocks). Simple really!

Date = 2010/02/26
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2010/02/26 View Post
Comets are rocks!!!
Emphatic statement!!!

Date = 2010/11/07
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2010/11/07 View Post
Space is full of plasma 99.9 % actualy and yes I'm aware that it is quasi-nuteral but stick a rock in the way and bingo, CHARGE SEPERATION!!!
Sadly NO! Magic is not science! Magic is slight-of-hand! Magic is deception! Magic is the 'electric comet!'

Date = 2014/04/09
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2014/04/09 View Post
I predict the lander will encounter SOLID rock.

Scientist will be surprised at its denser than icy-fluffball consistency!

not sure if its gunna give as anything regarding the Oort Belt/Pristine left overs but Rosetta will tell us if they are Dirty Snowballs or solid bone dry rock.

Interesting times ahead and fully hope they achieve thier primary goal.

Date = 2014/11/13
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2014/11/13 View Post
Lets again have a discussion about fluffy bunnies (Looking at pictures)

lets look at this beauty CIVA: Composite of P-3 and P-4 Cameras / Credit: ESA/Rosetta/Philae/CIVA

Mmmm.....looks like rock....melted rock!!!
Please note, Sol88, I modified your quote to embed the url and "identify" the content of the image in the event the link breaks in the future (which they often do).

Date = 2014/11/14
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2014/11/14 View Post
Reality Check as been jamm'n this down my throat since we started, so to me I'm more happy to see solid rock and NOT a FluffyDirtySnowball

Just say'n

Date = 2014/11/16
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2014/11/16 View Post
Let's just talk about the science I.e the facts as presented and not some misunderstood interpretation of the the Electric comet theory.
The previous quote is included just for fun! I ask, when will you clarify what an 'electric comet' is? When will you provide a functional, predictive model? When will you give us some science?

Date = 2015/04/28
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2015/04/28 View Post
So to taking 470 kg/m^3 as gospel is your fatal error.

Looks like rock smells like rock feels like rock but is deep fried ice cream
Smells and feels like rock? Not what we would call scientifically objective measures, Sol88!

Date = 2015/10/09
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2015/10/09 View Post
Considering the paper on Surface charging and electrostatic dust acceleration at the nucleus of comet 67P during periods of low activity we are discussing ATM Jonesdavid116, when the impactor vaporised the rock into dust, lots and lots of dust and not much to very little ice, what would we observe?
Would you like to discuss Nordheim et al (2015) (another mainstream paper, written by mainstream scientists, in support of the mainstream comet model)? Or perhaps you would like to continue our discussion of Lisse et al (2006) instead?

Date = 2016/11/14
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2016/11/14 View Post
But NONE are are problem if as the ELECTRIC COMET postulates, they are ROCKS discharging in the radial electric field of the ELECTRIC SUN.

Date = 2017/07/05
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2017/07/05 View Post

Not mostly hidden subsurface ice.

Comets are the EU has been saying all along... knee slap!

Date = 2018/04/22
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/04/22 View Post
Yes, the Sun is externally powered.
The previous quote is also included just for fun! We'll get back to this error later!

Date = 2018/04/22
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/04/22 View Post
Comets are rocky objects with minimal to no "ice/s", seeking electrical equilibrium with the surrounding plasma!

That’s it...the ELECTRIC COMET!!!

Date = 2018/05/14
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/05/14 View Post
Originally Posted by Jean Tate View Post
JT08: This question seeks to clarify the meanings of the various terms for parts of a comet. In the latest version of the ELECTRIC COMET model (bold added):
1) comets are rocky objects
2) the nucleus of a comet contains no ices for sublimation
3d) there are (nested/stairstep transformer/capacitor) double layers at comets
3e) these double layers form the comets' comas
6) the charged dust so machined forms highly collimated, bursting jets; these are the jets we observe

There seems to be a small contradiction in 1) vs the rest: comet seems to refer to more than the rocky nucleus (in the ELECTRIC COMET model); specifically, a comet has a (non-rocky) coma and jets which are collimated charged dust in addition to a rocky nucleus. Not mentioned are tails.
Two types of tails are observed, I believe, Dust and Plasma.

The dust will be the electrically neutral dust that has previously been machined of the rocky nucleus.

The plasma tail will be another nail in the coffin for the dirtysnowball model.

It forms part of the the overall current system at comets.

Date = 2018/06/20
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/06/20 View Post
It's very simple: Comets are rocks discharging in the solar wind....
You keep saying that, yet never answer the question ... What "ROCKS" are comets made of?

Date = 2018/06/25
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/06/25 View Post
The comets is a rock violating the quasi-neutrality of the solar plasma stream!

From that we get complex electric fields, double layers, beams or "jets", charged nano-dust, electric currents...kinetic plasma effects!

These applied electric fields on the surface of the comet, most commonly along the terminator but also the small scale terminators from over hangs, boulders, scarps, depressions..etc can be extremely intense this can cause electrostatic disruption of the surface rock releasing fine dust and trapped water from the hydrated minerals along with electrochemical reactions.
Magic, Sol88? As YOU have no way to scientifically expand on this ... MAGIC will have to do!

Date = 2018/06/28
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/06/28 View Post
And it’s only the errors that make the mainstream think there some hyper porous dust with a little "hidden subsurface ice"

There made of rock!

Date = 2018/07/02
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/07/02 View Post
Coulomb Explosion under applied electric fields causing the dust to be machined from polarised ROCK is on the table for MAINSTREAM DISCUSSION!

Date = 2018/07/02
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/07/02 View Post
The nucleus is composed of homogeneous consolidated refractory material with an organic coating!


Date = 2018/07/06
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/07/06 View Post
Sorry sorry, I meant liberating dust down to the microscopic scale from the LAYERED, CONSOLIDATED, REFRACTORY BEDROCK that is the rocky looking nucleus of ALL comet visited thus far.

So basically we are down to this? Is is not ROCK?

Date = 2018/07/12
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/07/12 View Post
The rock seperates the solar wind protons and electrons.

So so simple.

Please provide an example where I have "changed my mind".

Comet are rocks separating the charges contained with in the solar wind plasma?

What are you failing to grasp, ...?
Would love to see a physical mechanism that describes how a "rock" (e.g., granite) seperates charge!

Date = 2018/07/14
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/07/14 View Post
I’m talking about the real dust
Compact and dense particles with bulk density constrained in the range (1.9 1.1)x103kgm-3
like the rock that it came from
Dust machined from SOLID ROCK? With a bulk density as low as 800 kg/m3?

Date = 2018/07/14
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/07/14 View Post
But your balls up with the RSI experiment has giving you 70%-80% of NOTHING?

So with a little help from generous soul/s over on the thunderbolts forum and with this new data and simulations at hand, I am going to prove that what we infact see, touch and taste is indeed ROCK!

So strap in champ we are going for a ride!
How'd that work out for ya, Sol88? 70%-80% of NOTHING? Crickets? No model! No science! No evidence!

Date = 2018/09/25
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/09/25 View Post
The model that says comets are just rocks (like asteroids) on eccentric orbits discharging in the solar wind plasma????

You not up to speed yet

Date = 2018/09/25
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/09/25 View Post
The universe is electric, life is electric.

As above, so below.
Do 'eu' supporters chant this "religious" mantra before all their conventions?

Date = 2018/09/30
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/09/30 View Post
Mmmmmm...Sol88 thinks to himself what would happen if the comets is rock blasted of a planetary surface within recorded human history and that this planet once had liquid water or water ice on the surface? This might include CARBONATE type rocks along with rocks containing HYDRATED minerals...

And not the "leftovers" from the formation of the solar system...????

More thinking.....
Yes! It would be nice if you started thinking, Sol88! Start by questioning your own world view!

Date = 2018/10/10
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/10/10 View Post
Originally Posted by Little 10 Toes View Post
Let's see if you can do better this time with smaller easier questions.

1) Do you believe that comets are solid rock?
YES i do ltt!!!
Note the date of this particular pronouncement, Sol88!

Date = 2018/10/16
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/10/16 View Post
No, I also call rock, rock!

Now, we all call the nucleus rock.

Not actual rock, pseudo rock.

Hard like rock, looks like rock , taste like rock but not actual rock.

Date = 2018/11/05
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/11/05 View Post

ELECTRIC COMET MODEL = A Rock on an eliptical orbit, discharging in the solar plasma flow.



In light of what I've just presented, would you please explain your statement, ... "Everybody knows comets are not rocks." From what we've just read, Sol88, you do not seem to know what your 'electric comet' is actually made of!

And those quotes represent a wee random sample from your confused, disjointed, fragmented, unstructured 'electric comet' model! Would you like to see more?

Or perhaps you would like to take a moment to define in gory detail the following terms and statements!
  1. rock
  2. mostly rock
  3. not rock rock
  4. solid rock
  5. SOLID rock
  6. solid bone dry rock
  7. melted rock (???)
  8. polarized rock
  9. homogeneous consolidated refractory material with an organic coating rock
  10. layered, consolidated, refractory bedrock that is the rocky looking nucleus rock
  11. actual rock
  12. pseudo rock
  13. hard like rock
  14. looks like rock
  15. tastes like rock (???)
  16. feels like rock (???)
  17. not actual rock
  18. a ROCK on an elliptical orbit, charging AND discharging on "inbound" AND "outbound" legs ...!

Tis no wonder there's NO 'electric comet' model! OUR resident 'ec' expert appears utterly confused about the bulk composition and structure of an 'electric comet!' It might help if you STOPPED looking at 'electric' bunny pictures and learned to observe! More to follow on that point ...!

Heads up, Sol88! Before you fire off another post, START THINKING! Slow down when posting! Make an effort to construct sentences that use the "Queen's" English! Or at least the Australian equivalent of same! You may also want to avail yourself of the Spell Checker in the editing window! Doing this will improve your communication skills! Not necessarily your credibility on issues of science! But we can, and will, work on that, too!

Remember, Sol88! Science is hard! Communicating scientific information is hard! If you want anyone to give your 'electric comet' a fair hearing, you need to say what you mean, and mean what you say! Be precise! Be unambiguous! Be "crystal" clear!

Remember, the internet never forgets, Sol88! In the last ten years at the ISF, you have left a trail of EPIC FAILURES, be they technical 'eu/es/ec' errors, logical errors, or failures in basic physics and math (you know, the "fun stuff" your 'electric comet' MUST violate to exist)!

Some more simple questions, Sol88!
  1. How is dust "machined" from a rocky surface without leaving a thermal signature?
  2. What is the "rotational" velocity for a point on 67P's equator?
  3. What is the "time constant" for the capacitance of your 'electric rock?'
  4. ...

Sol88! I've literally thousands of questions that you can't answer regarding your 'electric comet!' And why can't you answer? Simple really! No model! No science! No evidence! Physically IMPOSSIBLE!

I'm not going away, Sol88! This is your 'electric comet' thread! It is incumbent upon you to PROVE your 'electric comet' is physically POSSIBLE!

Post Script 1:

Date = 2018/07/12
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/07/12 View Post
Whooo boy are you one mixed up cat!

Go find ALL my past post on charge separation at a comet comets being made of solid rock, or more precisely the my epic and total FAILURE of MHD to provide a coherent, scientifically consistent description of what an electric comet is!!!
What do you think, Sol88? A more appropriate statement? When are you going to start answering my questions! When are we going to start building a functional model of an 'electric comet?'

Post Script 2:

Date = 2018/07/20
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/07/20 View Post
[3rd person]Sol88 looks at his signature line and remembers those immortal words "The WWW never forgets".[/3rd person]
Oops! It appears you've replaced that line! Any reasons?

Post Script 3:

Date = 2018/09/11
Originally Posted by Sol88 on 2018/09/11 View Post
Ummmmm.....every new paper CONFIRMS that electric fields and related plasma processes are the dominate factors at play here.

The paper CONFIRMING the ELECTRIC COMET model will be whoever puts the paper out modeling ... blah, blah, blah!
"... every new paper CONFIRMS ..."
"... dominate factors ...."
"The paper CONFIRMING the ELECTRIC COMET model ...."

Sol88, do you know how we might build a functional 'electric comet' model?

You start by answering my questions! It's really that simple!

Remember --- No numbers! No model! Bad fiction!

What's your next move, Sol88? Will you start answering my questions so that we may attempt to build a working model of an 'electric comet?' Or will you continue to cower in a corner?

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