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Originally Posted by beachnut View Post
Nope, you failed and can't do it.

- A study you can't figure out because it has physics, science and math.

- Physics you can't grasp, which involves mass and velocity, and the resulting Kinetic Energy.

You failed, the thread failed when you posted your analysis
As I said in another thread (about a different subject, but it applies equally well here)...

"You can Google for information, but you can't Google for understanding"
- Jay Utah

Yankee 451 doesn't understand physics or maths or engineering. He's is like a well-rehearsed clever parrot - he can string a lot of meaningful-sounding words together, but has utterly no understanding of what any of them actually mean. This is why the rest of us with training and experience in the fields (some with degrees in those fields), with knowledge and understanding and even those of us who have a reasonable grade-school education, can immediately spot that his arguments are incoherent and make no scientific sense.
I want to thank the 126 Republican Congress members for providing a convenient and well organized list for the mid-terms.
- Fred Wellman (Senior VA Advisor to The Lincoln Project)
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