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Originally Posted by yankee451 View Post
Full article here.

How they spoofed the “live” shots of flight 175:
How they spoofed the “amateur” videos (not live):
You need to calm yourself over here...let's just look at this logically from a technology standpoint, shall we:

CGI video tech your talking about here was in it's infancy in 2000-2001. For example; with the unlimited resources of ILM and Lucasfilm, the thousands of man-hours logged by hundreds of professionals, you still have products that are obviously computer generated. All of this during the time period before, during, and after the time period of 9/11.

Now, for your hypothesis to be true or (at the very least) relevant, we have to consider that the video editing technology that you propose existed prior to 9/11/2001 was at a mastery level that was magnitudes better than the world's best CGI film production outfits.

Now consider, that if thousands of hours of production is needed by hundreds of techs to produce well-crafted (but clearly CGI) video, then surely the ultra-realistic videos produced for 9/11/2001 took several YEARS to put in the can ...suggesting that production started in the 1990's somewhere (if not sooner).

This creates other questions that maybe you could address:
  • When was the script drafted? Finalized?
  • When was casting call? Was the call printed in any known periodicals?
  • When did filming start?
  • When did filming wrap?
  • What film production/editing company was commissioned?
  • What CGI editing software was used/created?
  • With all these hundreds (thousands?) of people committed to writing, scripting, testing, casting, building, filming, editing, printing, do you surmise that absolutely zero individuals have come forward with evidence of being involved in such a huge and ground-breaking film project?

Looking forward to your insight on these matters.
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