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Originally Posted by Lurch View Post
"It's not a good look for you." A common expression of yours. Do I take it this connotes concern for the reputation of your opponent in argument? Or is it a reflexive defense/offense mechanism?
In the context of this being a forum where people are usually asked to back up their assertions, it's not a good look for him.

Originally Posted by Lurch View Post
Is your promulgation of questionable 'reportage' from questionable sources, and general JAQing, the efforts of a Devil's advocate? If so, your vigor and tenacity are admirable. But a declination to unambiguously express a stance too easily leads to the conclusion that you are on the side of those reports and sources you purvey.
Actually, what I've been doing is posting the claims being made and contemplating what the detractors have to say about them. That's it. If I find a detraction I don't feel as adequate, I say so and why. And if you look back at some of the things I've said, you'd know that while I've pointed out what I thought was wrong with such things as "Hunter lives in California" I've also said things like

"I think it's up to Giuliani and Co. to prove they actually have the emails. It's not like the emails couldn't be authenticated by metadata."

"Same here, if anything I don't think the repair shop guy has anything to do with any fabrication. Not 100% against the Russians, but there isn't any evidence of that at this point."

"Even if we agreed on that, no one else would. I concur though, the FBI isn't going to do anything publicly before the election."

"I'm trying to figure out if Giuliani gave crazy Chinese dude a copy of the laptop through Bannon, to use for Lude Media. Which is an anti Chinese group hooked up with Bannon. That's the most likely scenario at this point. Crazy Chinese guy claims to have 3 drives of compromising material which was put together by the CCP lol. Completely not believable. Haven't even heard a claim on how he obtained the supposed 3. Wang DingGang mentioned the drives on his show back in September."

The last post in particular shows I don't buy the story hook line and sinker. Although no one wanted to go down that avenue, even though it's the most obvious to me that there is something screwy with the stories and people. It's not JAQ, I'm actually interested in the truth of it all, where the drives originated, if the material is real etc.
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