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The way you have answered all of the claims put out by the 911 conspiracy community is with one to two sentences of drivel that contain no relevant facts or data to lead me to any alternate conclusions..which is what I was asking also reveals an apparent lack of knowledge on your part regarding that which you claim is so easily debunkable....don't you think being familiar with the claims would make you better equipt to answer the questions?
I think that it is generally pointless to refute CTs point by point, the feast is too movable, so to speak. I prefer to take more of a meta view.

I am going to present one fact against which all CT's must be judged for reasonableness.

The President of The United States of America could not keep a blow job performed in the Oval Office secret.

The reality of this fact calls into serious question CTs that require the involvement of more than 2 people. For the sake of not looking absolutely stupid it seems to me that CT proponents need to explain, in detail, how the one was displayed for all the world to see and how the other, with many more moving parts, was not. I don't care about jet fuel or holes in the Pentagon or unidentified arabs. I want to know how the president, with his power and authority, cannot get a private hummer when the knocking down of major buildings can be performed with the awareness of only a few who have crystaline insight. Then we can proceed.
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