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Originally Posted by Stacyhs View Post
The problem with people like Boebert and MTG is that they start to lose their ability to be shocking after a while so have to ratchet it up a peg or two. There comes a point where even that doesn't shock or surprise anymore.
Boebert in that one speech said several offensive things that would normally be completely out of bounds for a member of the House:
  • Joe Biden was "this piece of crap in the White House."
  • Ilhan Omar was part of the "jihad squad."
  • The elevator / backpack story (which could get any one of us regular citizens detained in an airport or government building)
  • Pete Buttigieg was trying to "chestfeed" his twins.
  • “God bless Kyle Rittenhouse.”
  • Black Lives Matter are "domestic terrorists."

I fear that our society is losing tact.
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