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Originally Posted by xjx388 View Post
If I just look at the generated portion of the messages, all I see is randomly put together phrases. Now, if I put some effort and got creative, I could find a way to tie them all together into some semblance of coherence.
Thus, it is established that as long as GMs are coherent, they can be interpreted. Only non Coherent GMs are unable to be interpreted.

Example of none coherent GMs which first have to be decoded before any interpretation is possible:


Which is why I am skeptical when folk tell me they see no coherency in the GMs I present.

The problem is that what I come up with will be different than what anyone else would come up with. There may be some similarities, but that’s only because we are working with phrases for which we might have the same cultural/social/current event associations to.
That in itself is here nor there, as I am presenting GMs without interpreting them - other than narrating [in red] my immediate thoughts.

Now, whether or not each of us can come up with some “meaning,” behind the randomly put together phrases is neither here nor there -we definitely can.
Once again, a statement which supports that the GMs presented are not 'incoherent'...

But there’s nothing new about that -pareidolia is a well understood phenomenon. It’s not evidence of an objective meaning that is clear and unambiguous.
Nor it is evidence to the contrary.

What might be interesting is if several people given several sets of randomly put together phrases (“generated messages”) can find exactly the same meaning.
Highly unlikely given that we are all viewing our shared reality from a subjective viewpoint.
It would be enough if said 'several people' were to agree with the gist of the GMs...

Besides that, the way I understand the method Navigator is using, the lists he is using are all compiled by him. For us to use this method, we would have to compile our own lists. Do I have that right?
That would be the best way in which individuals can ascertain the GMs are viable - by having their own personal lists to which they each know things which are only relevant to them, when selected as part of the GMs - and how these relate or fit in with what the GM is saying...another reason why I commentate [in red] to show the process is interactive.
That is not to say that personal lists cannot crossover re sharing same line entries...

If so, the phrases that go on my list are going to be phrases that probably have some meaning to me; therefore, I will be more likely to be able to generate “messages,” because I am familiar with those phrases and I have associations with them already.
The messages are generated through the random-as-possible methods - what you are saying is that you would be better able to understand the GMs because you have line entries on your list which are specific to your subjective experience of this reality.

This same kind of principle is the same principle that Tarot cards or Runes “work” on: there is a predefined interpretation to each symbol and those interpretations are very general statements which people already have associations with.
This principle is the same re human language. Even that you were able to generate the post you did, in the way that you did, is all based upon the same principle - even that we each learned how to speak through the written word and how those words are commonly arranged is a type of predefined interpretation, especially as language is used to interpret the reality we are experiencing.

Yet - human language was not learned through the written word. It came about through sound humans made, which were discovered to be encoded and were decoded through the discovery and recoded as alphabets.

"A" is not a 'letter' so much as it is a symbol or code for a particular sound made by humans.

And - in the case of the English language, the coding in the sounds were discovered to consist of 26 different specifics.
When this was discovered, the ability to then use the codes to write down the language as in 'written language' and use the written language as a means to preserve Generated Messages was enabled.

Before the written language, all Generated Messages were passed along by word of mouth, which also suffered the fate of being interpreted by the recipients - so written language helped to stabilize the problem by capturing the spoken word with the written code.

This is not to say that misinterpretation et al did not still occur - or that folk could put their own spin on GMs...

Overall point being, that human language is more than simply some mindless accident which just happened. Just as the universes itself is more than just some mindless thing which just happened. There is a good deal of evidence supporting that the whole production is a mindful one...and something which the GMs I am posting, are pointing out quite coherently.
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