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Originally Posted by Alek View Post
[Way back in post #93...]
One of the premises behind the accusations of people like me is that the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also known as the "9/11 Commission") is full of lies
So your premise is that the Commission is full of lies? No wonder you're having trouble here.

I do have one technical point to add - you can't seem to see how WTC7's collapse could look like a demolition. It's too sudden and too fast-falling for you. There's a reason that they look alike. In a controlled demolition, they don't plant so many explosives that building is obliterated by them. They use just enough explosives to make it so that the building supports can't hold its weight, then they let the law of gravity finish the job. Ideally, they start in the middle so that the interior walls fall first, and the exterior walls fall inwards towards the rubble. But the key is that they use just enough explosives that it can't support itself, then it falls down all at once.

With WTC7, it stood until it reached a point that it couldn't support itself anymore. Once that point is reached, the whole thing collapses. There's no way that a 50-story building could partially crumble, or go in stages. Once part fails, the whole thing can't hold up all that weight anymore and it suddenly all falls down. The failure in this case started in the middle, apparently because that's where the damage was heaviest.
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