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Originally Posted by diggingdeeper View Post
He was piloting the plane was he not???

...Things I do not know: certainly not a complete list.
Who found it? Was it a civilian, fireman, FBI, CIA, secret service, policeman? Is there a chain of evidence?
Where was it found?
Are you aware of the answers to any of these questions? Would they make any difference to you? Or would you feel they were not relevant in this case?
The passport found was of Satam al Suqami, who was not the pilot of the plane.

According to the 9/11 Commission: (page 21)
Suqami’s passport survived the attack: a passerby picked it up from the World Trade Center and handed to a New York Police Department detective shortly before the towers collapsed.

The passport was recovered by NYPD Detective Yuk H. Chin from a male passerby in a business suit, about 30 years old. The passerby left before being identified, while debris was falling from WTC 2. The tower collapsed shortly thereafter. The detective then gave the passport to the FBI on 9/11. See FBI report, interview of Detective Chin, Sept. 12, 2001.
So it wasn't recovered from the debris of the WTC, but before the tower collapsed.

And as you can see from this pic, debris from the planes did fall several blocks away from the WTC. The caption of this photo reads: "On Albany Street, two blocks south of WTC 2, Two men examine a seat cushion from AA Flight 11. 8:52 a.m."

eta: This pic also documents that debris from the plane as well as body parts rained down to the street from the crash.
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