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Originally Posted by Alek View Post
You're confusing your fallacies here. Attacking Charlie Sheen so as to invalidate the information he presents is an example of argumentum ad homenim.

The government is an authority. The government theorizes that 19 hijackers wielding box cutters commandeered commercial jetliners and crashed them into the World Trade Center. The damage from impact plus jet-fuel fires weakened the steel in the buildings, and they collapsed. The government theory is true. This is an example of an appeal to authority.

Charlie Sheen's celebrity status says nothing about the validity of the statements he is making. The government's authority is likewise irrelevant.

The government theory is bunk not because it is authoritative (that would be just an inverted appeal to authority), but because its theory is contradicted by factual evidence.

The whole idea that the US government is a monolithic entity is laughable. Which branch of the government? Which political party? The government is organized in such a way that it CANNOT be monolithic. Also, the political realities of Washington mean that each side is constantly watching the other, waiting for a single misstep that they can crow triumphantly to the press.

What you're proposing is that there was an enormous conspiracy. Watergate was a small conspiracy, but was uncovered almost immediately, and justice was quickly served (well, Nixon got off scott free, but...).

Also, you can't say that it was a GOVERNMENT conspiracy, because it was limited to a small group of people within a single branch of the government -- as ANY conspiracy would have to be!
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