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Originally Posted by kookbreaker View Post
I call it the Sinister Intelligence Agency faith. The beleif in some shadowy, mean-spirited, murderous agency that makes the darkest works of the CIA look like a Girl Scout Campfire meeting. This agency is 100% efficient in intimdating and murdering all the required experts, even though no CT can ever get a handle on how many need to be required. The agency manages to pull stunts that are unheard of, such as planting explosives in a burning building. Unlike every single other agency in the US government, it operates with perfect, 100% efficiency in what it strives to do.
... well, not quite 100% effeciency, since apparently every kook in town knows about the conspiracy.

While the government was perfectly efficient in hushing it up, y'see, they blundered by making it completely obvious that 9/11 was a controlled demolition ... so obvious that this is apparent even to people who have no knowledge of demolition or explosives.
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