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Originally Posted by Alek View Post
Have fun in the camps after the government sponsored biological weapons attack.
This comment and its implcations have been nagging at my mind for the past couple of days, and I need to get some thoughts off my chest, namely this:
If Alek seriously believes it's the government's intention to infect and intern all of us credulous sheep, what measures has he himself taken to avoid sharing our fate? Has he holed himself up in some inhospitable and inaccessible area in the wilds of Idaho or Montana and cut himself off from all communication with the outside world, so that neither the government nor the Infected can find him? Evidently not. Instead, he's on the net with a readily traceable IP address, once the government puts the thumbscrews on his ISP, probably not at any significant distance from a major population center.

I'm reminded of the "Ground Zero Lounge" gathering shown in the P&T:BS! episode on conspiracy theories. Here's a bunch of people who claim to be convinced that the government is up to all kinds of nefarious activities, and what do they do? They assemble at an organized event, the time (every Monday night at 2000 Pacific time) and place (Dante's at SW 3rd and Burnside in Portland, OR) of which is public knowledge! How do they know the Shadowy Government Agency™ of their choice doesn't have the venue under surveillance, identifying potential troublemakers? Or has a raid team standing by to round the bunch of them up and spirit them off to an ultra-secret detention facility, followed by a quick trip to a mass grave in Nevada? How do they know the whole event hasn't been arranged by the SGA?

The only way this behavior makes sense is if none of these idiots genuinely believe the garbage they spew. They're just mentally masturbating to their own perceived cleverness, and don't really think that any of it is true. Maybe I should pop down to Portland one Monday, attend one of these Lounges, step up to the mic in my best Agent Smith look, and announce that everyone in the joint is being taken into precautionary detention and would they please file into the buses outside in an orderly fashion.
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