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Originally Posted by conspiracybeliever View Post
Actually, one of the govt's top demo specialist said it was a controlled demo the day of the event.

There is one organization which is universally regarded to be the world's leading "experts" in explosive demolition. That being Controlled Demolition Inc. (the Loizeaux family).

Shortly before Christmas, I noticed in discussions on various message boards that a web page was being linked which quoted David Ray Griffin after he had delivered an address in New York on 10/15/05. This was one of the quotes...
"Dr. Griffin provided the name of a demolition expert employed by Controlled Demolitions Inc. and his statements to the effect that this type of “collapse”, could only have been done through a planned event, using precisely placed explosives."
I had a suspicion this was probably just more of the mountain of 9-11 bul***it being circulated on the Internet, so I decide to make contact with CDI to get at the bottom of it.
I sent them this email...

Speaking as an American, I am in desperate need of your assistance.
You may or may not be aware that upwards of six hundred thousand pages of the World Wide Web are now devoted to advancing "theories" to explain the events of 9-11. One of the widespread claims being that the three skyscrapers in the World Trade Center were collapsed by "controlled demolition" .
It has now gotten to the point that one of the individuals in the forefront of this, a former Professor of Religion at the Claremont School of Theology (Claremont, California), Dr. David Ray Griffin, is making the claim that "a demolition expert employed by Controlled Demolitions Inc." is stating that "this type of collapse could only have been done through a planned event, using precisely placed explosives".
Dr. Griffin's claim is being advanced on the Internet as we speak. And believe me a great many people are reading this. A claim which is now directly involving the reputation and credibility of your organization.
I ask you to please set the record straight. Is it or is it not true that anyone involved with your organization has made this statement? And does anyone in your organization believe that the three skyscrapers of The World Trade Center may have collapsed due to controlled demolition?


I received this email reply...

Thank for your email and your concern for the reputability of our organization.
Of course, we’ve been aware of the numerous ludicrous conspiracy theories floating around out there and have received literally thousands of emails containing everything from simple questions to unveiled threats. Our position up until now, as a family and a firm, has been that “to acknowledge the claim is to lend it credibility” and therefore, they should be ignored.
After reading your email, however, I’m afraid we may have to take a new tack.
To put your mind at ease, I can assure you that NO individual from CDI made any such statement as that purported by Dr. Griffin, and I would greatly appreciate your forwarding me a link to the page where this is stated. If he has, indeed, committed libel in some regard, rest-assured that legal action will shortly follow.
Thanks again for the “heads-up.” I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Stacey S. Loizeaux
The Loizeaux Group, LLC
Controlled Demolition, Inc.
2737 Merryman's Mill Road
Phoenix, Maryland 21131 USA

The web page with Griffin's claim is still on the Web as of today, conspiracybeliever. And that quote is still being circulated like it was truth. Just like most every other piece of utter bul***it that is trying to be passed off as the "9-11 Truth Movement"

p.s. I'm not allowed to post url's here or I would have supplied the link. If anyone wishes to see it for him or herself just send me a personal message and I'll give you the link that way.

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